About Us

I started making hand crafted soaps more than 15 years ago, when my son suffered from severe dry skin and nothing we could buy seemed to help. Despite trying a host of over the counter soaps and creams, and countless prescription drugs, nothing seemed to stop the scaling and itching. Desperate, I began scouring the books at the library and the internet, looking for something that would help. Finally, I found an obscure article that suggested the dryness and scaling could be exacerbated by commercial soaps. I began researching ways to make soap at home, in the hopes it would alleviate my son’s skin problems.

While the worst of the problem is mostly gone now, my son, who is now a young adult, still suffers from dry skin. It’s a family curse, I guess you’d say, because he’s not the only one with skin that could pass for the Saraha Desert (and that’s on a good day). My handcrafted soaps are still the best way to combat that dryness. I offer a variety of soaps that are not only nourishing and creamy, but also smell wonderful and are fun to use. Check out my full product line, and if you would like to make a request, be sure to drop me a line!